My name is Katie, and I'm the mind behind Enneagram Maven.

I used to think all the woo woo was crazy, from astrology, to crystals, to all of it. As I've gotten older I've embraced their place in my life. From learning more about my chart based on birthdate and time. To now being fully engulfed and obsessed with the Enneagram. 

When I first took the test, I sat there jaw wide open reading about myself to a T. Since then it's continued to help me understand more about myself, how I get during stress, and how I can thrive. 

I tell everyone in my life to take the Enneagram because I think to have this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, why not use it. I also wanted to create products that can truly speak to your personality, and represent you in a way that products on the market don't currently. 

I'm a Type 3. Which are the success-oriented, pragmatic, adaptable and driven type. Known for being CEOs, coaches, agents, attorneys, actor, or similar. Clearly I fit right in there haha. 

To take the Enneagram test, I highly recommend the Enneagram Institute. It's $12 but so damn worth it.